Reforestation of burned lands
Protection of biodiversity

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The Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve of the Mediterranean is one of the most important biosphere reserves in the world, fully protected by the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO).
The Marbella area of the Biosphere Reserve—province of Malaga—suffered a major wildfire in 2012. The soil has difficulty recovering, animal life is still disturbed. It is difficult to walk through the area without feeling deep sadness at the sight of the missing life. The work involves the reforestation of 1,070 hectares with 1,035,000 trees and helping natural regeneration.

At 10 km from Marbella and 8 km from the sea
On the left, the Mediterranean Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve and the reforestation area

On the right, evaluation of the burned soil and pine species to be planted