Help protect nature and save the climate


Mediterranean Green Belt

the largest restoration of nature to fight climate change

The United Nations is calling to restore 350 million hectares of degraded landscapes and forestlands worldwide by 2030, This would eliminate 5% of the world’s emissions from the atmosphere each year. By adding forest protection, up to 25% of the world’s emissions would be eliminated each year. This is the largest restoration of nature ever undertaken. A concrete action to fight climate change.

47 million trees planted

To answer the United Nations’ call, we are creating the Mediterranean Green Belt. We restore deforested, desertified and burned land in the Mediterranean. We have already restored 60,000 hectares and planted 47 million trees. We will now reforest burned and deforested areas in the south of France–from Var to Cannes–and the burned area of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, in the south of Spain, near Marbella. We will restore a total of 1,182 hectares and plant 1,074,000 trees. 
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The Mediterranean is the most visited region of the world, but it’s also one of the regions of the world that suffers the most from climate change.Temperatures worldwide have increased by 0.85°C, in the Mediterranean they have increased by 1.3°C. Sea level along the Mediterranean has risen 6 cm. It will rise 50 cm by 2100. 95% of fires in Europe take place in the Mediterranean. Desertification is turning whole regions into desert.The olive trees that give their precious oil to the world will be gone in 100 years.
Mediterranean countries have stressed the need to restore at least 8 million hectares of forestlands and landscapes in the Mediterranean by 2030. 

bring new life to land

Vegetation prevents desertification, protects biodiversity, lowers the local temperature and absorbs CO2 emissions from the atmosphere. We plant trees, protect young shoots born from natural regeneration, take measures against fire, create ecological corridors for the movement of species.

Your donation will help improve the natural environment of the Mediterranean and bring us all a step closer to protecting our climate.