Saving the Spanish Forests

1 million hectares of forests to restore
600 million trees to plant or protect
12 million tons of CO2 eliminated

Help save the forests

World’s forests are a common good. We all depend on forests in our lives for the air we breathe and our water. Forests regulate the earth’s temperature and are home to most of the earth’s biodiversity.
Spain’s forests cover more than half of its territory, the highest proportion of any Mediterranean country. But they suffer from the impact of climate change with violent fires, long droughts and increasing desertification.
Restoring Spain’s forests is a concrete and effective action. Everyone can get involved and feel part of the progress for a greener world and for the protection of the climate. 

A worldwide effort

We have already planted 47 million trees and restored 75,000 hectares in Spain with a United Nations campaign. Arboreal contributes to the UN Declaration calling for the restoration of 350 million hectares of forests by 2030, the commitment of Mediterranean countries to restore 8 million hectares of degraded forestland and the measures taken by the European Union to protect forests and biodiversity by 2030. It is an unprecedented worldwide effort in which each of us, as a beneficiary of forests, can participate. Protecting nature is essential to fight climate change, health threats and disasters.

What we do

According to the needs, we plant trees, help young shoots to grow, prevent fires, desertification and erosion, and do any other work necessary to protect the forest and biodiversity. The restorations are carried out within the framework of a specific forest management plan in order to maintain the restored forests in good condition.

A sustainable Mediterranean

Restoring Spain’s forests reduces the impact of climate change and brings life to a  global ecosystem with vegetation, animals, soil and atmosphere. Healthy forests and landscapes are less afflicted by fires, absorb more CO2 from the atmosphere, reduce local temperatures, prevent soil erosion, improve the quality and quantity of groundwater and increase rainfall in drought-stricken inland and coastal areas.

Every square meter you help restore, every tree you help plant, brings nature back to life and protects the climate.