Mediterranean Green Belt



We restore forests and landscapes in the Mediterranean 

The Mediterranean region, known for its natural beauty, is the most visited region of the world. It is also a region that suffers the most from climate change. Temperatures have increased by 1.3°C, 20% faster than the rest of the world. Sea level has already risen by 6 cm and will rise by 50 cm before 2100. Desertification is turning whole regions into desert. 95% of fires in Europe take place in the Mediterranean. One in five animal species is threatened with extinction. The olive trees that give their oil to the world will be gone in 100 years.


We have launched the Mediterranean Green Belt to restore degraded forests and landscapes throughout the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean Green Belt contributes to the commitment of Mediterranean countries to restore 8 million hectares of degraded forestlands and landscapes before 2030. Thanks to a campaign organized with the United Nations we have already restored 14,000 hectares and planted more than 9 million trees in the Mediterranean.

We will now restore 1,480 hectares and plant 1.3 million trees, From the Mediterranean Biosphere Reserve, near Malaga in southern Spain, to Cannes, on the French Riviera, near Italy. Your financial help is essential.

Protecting the Mediterranean is urgent

Restoring Mediterranean forests and landscapes reduces the impact of climate change and gives life to a global ecosystem with vegetation, animals, soil, atmosphere. Restored forests and landscapes absorb more CO2 from the atmosphere and are less affected by fires. The Mediterranean agricultural products are world-renowned, but they also depend for their sustainability on the protection of forests and landscapes.

What we do

According to the needs of each area, restoration can consist of planting trees, helping natural regeneration after fires, stopping desertification and erosion, fighting pests, recovering degraded soils and protecting biodiversity. The selection of the areas to be restored as well as the restoration work, are carried out in close collaboration with the environmental technicians of the regional administrations.

Your donation will help restore degraded forests and landscapes in the Mediterranean. Once the restorations are completed, you will receive a certificate with information on the work done and the coordinates of the restored areas.