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We all depend on forests

We all benefit from the global effects of forests, wherever they are in the world. We depend on forests for the air we breathe and our water. World’s forests regulate the earth’s temperature, absorb part of the CO2 we emit into the atmosphere and are home to 80% of the terrestrial biodiversity.

Global health protection

Forest loss can have devastating impact on human health. They protect us from disease-causing pathogens such as viruses or bacteria, with which we have previously had no contact. 1 in 3 outbreaks of new and emerging diseases, such as HIV and SARS are associated to forest loss and other land-use changes.


+ CO2 offset

Forest restoration, together with a sustainable management, allows forests to optimize CO2 removal from the atmosphere. Healthy forests remain the best ally to achieve a zero CO2 objective. Forest restoration allows everyone—people or organizations—to offset their daily footprint on the planet.

Restore forests

We need to protect the natural spaces

“Global challenges like climate change, the unprecedented loss of biodiversity, and the spread of devastating pandemics are sending a clear message: it’s time to fix our broken relationship with nature.”
Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission


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An international commitment

2030 is considered as the last deadline to slow down climate change, restore forests globally, reach neutrality in land degradation and protect biodiversity.

Arboreal contributes to the UN Declaration calling for the restoration of 350 million hectares of forests worldwide by 2030, the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030, the Biodiversity Strategy 2030 of the European Union and to the commitment of the Mediterranean countries to restore 8 million hectares of forests by 2030.

Arboreal undertakes large-scale restoration projects to make a significant impact. We organized a United Nations campaign in Spain to restore 75,000 hectares of forest— equivalent to 105,000 football fields—with the planting of 47 million trees.


How we restore

Restoring forests brings back life to a global ecosystem with vegetation, animals, soil, atmosphere.

Restoration consists of helping naturally-born shoots, taking care of sick trees, doing works to stop fires, erosion, desertification and planting trees when necessary. The recovery of the vegetation cover of degraded soils is also essential. Forest soil absorbs twice as much CO2 as trees, supports  a great richness of life and enables terrestrial ecosystems to function.

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Every square meter you help restore, every tree you help plant, brings nature back to life and protects the climate.

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We all depend on forests
Forests need us all