You can help reforest from €1

The United Nations is calling for the reforestation of 350 million hectares of forest—equivalent to 1/3 of the United States—by 2030. This would eliminate 5% of the world’s CO2 emissions from the atmosphere each yearTogether with other forest-related measures, up to 25% of annual emissions would be eliminated. We must get involved on a personal level to stop climate change, the main threat to our welfare and the welfare of future generations.


The Mediterranean Green Belt is a major land restoration effort that answers the call of the United Nations to fight climate change. It brings together people and organizations to act against the climate change that is affecting the Mediterranean and threatens our planet. The Mediterranean is a region of the world that suffers the most from climate change. Temperatures worldwide have increased by 0.85°C. Yet in the Mediterranean they have increased by 1.3°C. Sea level along the Mediterranean coast will rise 50cm by 2100, desertification is progressing at an accelerated pace, 95% of fires in Europe occur in the Mediterranean.


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Thanks to a campaign organized with the United Nations, we have already reforested 60,000 hectares and planted 47 million trees. We will now reforest 12 areas, from the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, near Marbella, south of Spain, to the island Sainte-Marguerite, about half a mile offshore from the French Riviera town of Cannes. Your participation in reforesting the Mediterranean is invaluable! You will help improve the natural environment and bring us all a step closer to protecting our climate.

Once the reforestation is complete, we will send you the GPS coordinates of the reforestation sites, a reforestation certificate reflecting your donation and a report on the environmental impact and the amount of CO2 eliminated.